Friday, June 27, 2008

My baby is off to camp

Yesterday, I Xeroxed 221 pages (includes the title page) of my manuscript and FedExed it off to my editor, Suzanne. As I put it in a padded envelope, I felt as if I was sending a child off to camp. Who/what would be returned to me? Would I recognize my pages after Suzanne reads it (twice!), thinks about it, and writes up her observations, both general and specific -- about what's working and where I might close up some holes with regard to structure, character, plot, etc .?

I'm at loose ends now that my child is in someone else's hands. What to do at 4 a.m. without my chapters to write or revise (sometimes 20 passes), without my Rhodia pad and Pilot Varsity pen along with my morning coffee?

This is the solution: An occasional post on this new blog site to share my novel's route. If I stay motivated, I'll share my reaction to Suzanne's notes, my search for an agent or publisher, my likely rejection letters, and my decision to publish or share only with nearest and dearest.

My old blog, The Division Street Princess
remains alive, so if you're nostalgic, you can always view that.

Hope you'll join me for this journey.

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